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Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow

Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow
2000 rub.per day
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Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013 in Moscow

Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013
14900 rub.per day
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Mercedes GL 2013

Stylish and powerful premium car. Perfect combination of comfort, dynamics and reliability.

14900 rub. per day

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Audi A4

Perfect vehicle for organizing business trips, personal meetings and small unforgettable trip.

3200 rub/per day

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Ford Focus III

Economical car with great design and flawless technical characteristics.

2300 rub per day

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Car hire in Moscow at competitive prices

What to do when urgently need a car , but for one reason or another it is not? The answer is simple - take a car rental ! Today it is a very popular service . Every year in Russia are increasingly those who choose to rent a car , as the work of public transport is poor , and without a car in the city doing nothing. Much nicer and more convenient to take the wheel himself .

And if you are looking for car rental service at the most favorable conditions, the use of our proposal : Only here you will find the best place for you car and will require you to rent a reasonable cost .

 Car hire in OOO Contact , Moscow

Car : beneficial for everyone

Our company offers you to rent high-class cars , which are suitable for a variety of situations. For example , I want to relax with friends and go out for this ? Then do not do without a rental Ford Focus. No need to adjust your own time schedule for buses or trains, just sit down in a comfortable cabin of the vehicle and go wherever you want .

Full freedom of action ! Own business plan , and , on this basis, decide what will be the route !

Rent a car: comfort, style , status

Rental cars in our company definitely will appeal to all who care about their image and do not want to waste time . Passenger car - this is not a luxury but a convenient means of transportation . Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that any business person needs a good car , as it has become an indispensable feature of its success. Such people are always valued and respected . When you want to maintain your status in the eда of others , the best solution is not found .

Review rental :

Car hire company works on the level . Registration , payment, petrol and return the car , everything is simple and clear as it should be . Overall service was satisfied , and picked up a decent car .

Andrew, Canada, 09.01.14

those who like to drive fast , you should pay attention to the car rental sport class . We can offer to rent several models, each of which has passed the necessary technical checks , ie , meets the requirements of a sports car . All machines feature excellent maneuverability and performance booster in conjunction with stability and reliability .

Прокат автомобилей  компании ООО Контакт, Москва

Benefits rental car

Regarding advantages of renting a car , then a lot of them . First, no need to follow the personal transport, think about taking care of them , to pass inspection and diagnostics. Especially in winter the machine generally more in the garage than is used for its intended purpose .

Second, every time you can take a new model that gives a certain pleasure , and will certainly impress your friends and acquaintances. And when there is an opportunity to add variety to life , why not take advantage ? For example, today you are interested in rental cars Renault Logan, and the next time you want to take the Toyota Camry.

We offer a variety of machines , we need only specify the make of the vehicle and the time when it should be done. Cost of services is always acceptable !

Car hire in Moscow: what you get ?

LLC "Contact " offers rent a brand new car luxury brands with a bright , clean interior. We guarantee that every car looks as if it had just rolled out . For all cars provided with proper care , they just pass technical inspection , and therefore operate reliably and smoothly .

Due to the fact that we can offer car hire in Moscow , it was easy to change the status on a quiet pedestrian and motorist prestigious title . But if you do not want to drive yourself, you can rent a car with a driver , we provide such a service . Making all necessary documentation takes the least time - enough fifteen minutes .

And those who sold the car and have not had time to buy a new , useful service " car rental ". While such a person picks himself a new model , it can safely use the proposed transport us , and not feel any discomfort while .

Review rental:

interested car rental, conditions were the best, but there were some concerns on the occasion quality of the car. Fears were not realized, that I was very pleased. Did all the right things without any problems with transport, service is also good and cars normally take.

Matt farm, United States, Colorado, 05.12.13

Terms rental

For car rental in Moscow now there are no barriers . Offers rental cars can both Muscovites and guests of the capital ( in the presence of a local registration ) . Documentation required for rental cars , prepared for signature in accordance with the standards . During the period of the agreement is a restriction on mileage - 220 km/day .

loyal customers , we are willing to provide discounts on car rental in Moscow .

To order , call +7 (495)125-30-35 or send an online application through the website .

* - the cost of hiring a car rental listed under the condition of 30 days


Our clients online:

Come to Moscow from another city and want rent a car? Our company not confined only to clients of Moscow we have a very large stream wishing rent a car from the regions of Russia and abroad. Therefore, we can rent a car anywhere in the world for any term delivery to the airport or within the Ring Road.

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