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Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow

Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow
2000 rub.per day
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Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013 in Moscow

Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013
14900 rub.per day
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Stocks on car rentals

Are coming urgent business trip to Moscow and the region ? Need to visit the celebrations ? I just wanted to relax and watch the city, but do not own a car, and there was no money to pay for rental cars? The solution is simple - take credit for rental cars liked !

From now BIZRENTAL.RU rent a car has become a fast, convenient and profitable. Received a loan to rent , you fl day be able to use the selected car. BIZRENTAL.RU company together with the partner of AB Pushkin provides loans to individuals and legal entities which are making rental cars for a period of 30 days or more .

Benefits lending rental cars in our company .

  1. offers a vast selection of vehicles of different brands and classes. You can always choose a car according to their needs , interests and financial capabilities. All vehicles are in excellent condition. We guarantee technical serviceability , reliability , presentable and decent appearance and clean interior .
  2. Our vehicles are insured under Russian law .
  3. Favorable lending conditions : favorable interest rates ( 3% per month ), the minimum documents and efficiency of processing the loan .
  4. High level of service . Professional consultant gov answer the all the questions .
  5. Reasonable prices for car rental .
  6. Possibility to rent a car with driver .
  7. Flexible system of discounts for regular customers .

Get information about the conditions of the promotion , please call us BIZRENTAL.RU or using the online service site .

Good discount for good cars !

BIZRENTAL.RU announces 20% discount on car rental Range Rover, Mercedes S500 and BMW 750 ! This is a unique opportunity to rent a car high class for little money . Not only can you enjoy the control of these vehicles , but also to impress anyone, get a brand new feeling for yourself and the ability to feel in the new status. If you come to any of these machines , all the attention will be drawn to your side of any business meeting will be successful . With the Mercedes S500 and the BMW 750 you will be confident in its success , and all the people around you , too !

We offer car rental Range Rover, Mercedes S500 and the BMW 750 in the most favorable conditions, as we understand our customers prebnosti . All machines in good condition and have a higher class of comfort, are the epitome of success and prestige . If you hit, stand out and make the right impression on the right people to you , our action will do it with the greatest effect , and making . Car rental for us not just a business but a way to give people an excellent opportunity to enjoy the cars, they need korye for a given situation . We always zealously monitor the quality of rental models that you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel .

Savings Card : discounts for low-cost rental

 Savings card customers BizRental.ru We appreciate our customers and strive to provide modern high quality service , is pleased Korym every customer . But it is time to take the next step , and we do - our regular customers , rental service in the amount of 50,000 rubles, get accumulative cards entitling them to discounts .

Today we released three types of collecting cards , discount depends on Korym prachennoy rental amount :

  • 50,000 to 99,999 rubles - Silver Card Discount 3 %;  Silver card customer BizRental.ru
  • 100,000 to 149,999 rubles - Gold Card discount Wed 5 %;  Zolaya customer card BizRental.ru
  • 150,000 and up - VIP card discount 7 %. VIP customer card BizRental.ru

offer is valid for all clients - individuals and legal entities , regardless srudnichestva form and payment. Validity of discount cards is unlimited. For all questions about discounts and savings cards call .

Take cars for hire , get discounts and use our services with the maximum benefit !

Campaign for extended relationships

presents a new share Coraya will be interesting especially for those who choose to rent a car for long term. Car hire for a period exceeding 30 days rewarded extra day free ! This is an excellent offer for those vital vehicle for 30-40 days. The reasons may be any : repair your own car, trip or anything else. In such a situation for people plays an important role bargain car rental in good condition. Today , people pay much attention sonosheniyu money to get the best at a low price .

Our car rental provides ample opportunities to all customers . Wide range of models , as well as excellent facilities lease allow each person to take the car to implement any of your desires and needs. Moreover, we always try to offer interesting promotions , korye make car rental more profitable and convenient . BIZRENTAL.RU closely relates to your prebnostyam and that is why we offer what people really need and interesting. Quality vehicles in good condition and at an affordable price , plus efficient and zablivy service - it is the policy of our company .

The holidays should be enjoyable

We believe that every holiday should give pleasure and be an enjoyable event for all , so rent a car in the holidays is available on special conditions . Everyone wants to spend the holidays with loved ones , blowhole and have fun together , so 14, 23 February and 8 March provided car rental to check out of the city and picnics . Celebrate the holidays in good company , entertain your loved ones and people pleasant gifts dyhom good , and for this we will provide the best opportunities .

We hope that this holiday season , our customers were happy , so we try to make the car rental as accessible and convenient service , Coraya benefits . Can assure that not only carefully monitor the status of the proposed rent cars , but also in order to provide those facilities and services that you will be pleased korye . That's why our car rental company BIZRENTAL.RU - it is always a wide selection of cars , top quality service and affordable prices. We also conduct relevant and interesting stocks, therefore it is advisable to check their availability on our web site. Attractive conditions slaves interest to its customers , high quality service and good cars favorably distinguish our company among competitors.

Our clients online:

Come to Moscow from another city and want rent a car? Our company not confined only to clients of Moscow we have a very large stream wishing rent a car from the regions of Russia and abroad. Therefore, we can rent a car anywhere in the world for any term delivery to the airport or within the Ring Road.

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