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Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow

Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow
2000 rub.per day
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Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013 in Moscow

Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013
14900 rub.per day
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About Us

BIZRENTAL.RU company provides a full range of services on car rental on the any desired period of time. We can rent a car at various levels - Transport class "economy ", which is a good means of transportation to cars category "luxury" that could impress, maintain the reputation and image. Our fleet contains a collection of the best models of 2013 release. All machines are in perfect working order and spond proper level of comfort . They are completely safe to use, as are periodic technical osmr and diagnostics. Each of cars that we offer for rent , is insured under hull policies and CTP .

 car rental services We offer hire cars for private clients and entities representing the interests of a company and acting her name. Our vehicles are often rented for meetings with business partners, foreign delegations at the airport, with the aim of organizing and holding cultural events , etc. For those who do not want to drive yourself or do not have a drivers license , we can offer a car with a driver. It is very convenient when will a banquet or any other festive event , suggesting upreblenie alcohol . The machine is supplied anywhere in the capital . If it is taken without chauffeur hire , then set requirements - the person must be over 18 and have a slave gos.obraztsa .

When choosing cars should focus on several classes :

  • Economy class .
  • middle class .
  • Sports class .
  • SUVs .
  • Executive class driver .
  • Commercial vehicles ( light trucks ).

In each class its price segment , which allows gramno calculate the budget , mortgaged under car rental . If you choose "Economy" , we will offer you models such as Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Aveo, Lada Kalina. In an "average" contains the following brands : Audi A4 various modifications and Toyota Camry. Executive class includes cars Mercedes and BMW, and among the most popular sports cars JAGUAR XKR.

Flexible pricing policy pursued by BIZRENTAL.RU, makes car rental services as accessible as possible . we rent a car is really cost-effective! For regular customers discounts . Registration of all documents Nimet no more than fifteen minutes. Our office is conveniently located to get to it will not be hard .

 auto order to order car rental , please call the phone number listed on the site , or apply by filling the online form. Manager of BIZRENTAL.RU gov any answer the questions related to the rental avtransportnyh funds. He can also specify the rates for this service . Selected cars booked on the requested date , so you can be sure that the car will be filed on time. We tried to do everything possible to provide us the service has been really effective .

 documentation lease is signed All documentation relating with car rental , podgavlivaetsya for signature sovetstvii standards . rent a car can not only residents of Moscow , but visitors to the city , but only on condition that they have Moscow registration .

Restrictions imposed (200 km/day) done to the car is not used as a taxi in the period of the contract . From experience we know that this distance is enough to make a planned trip to the area .

Company details :

Legal Name : LLC "Contact "
BIN: 1075027002775
INN: 5027047051
Transmission: 502701001
Registered address: 140000, MO Lyubertsy , Krasnaya 1ofis 104
Details of the bank VTB 24 (JSC )
p/s : 40702810940000004098
K/D: 30101810100000000716
Phone: +7 ( 495 ) 678-55-49
E-mail: info@bizrental.ru
opera in Moscow GTU Bank of Russia
BIC 044525716
INN ( bank) 7710353606
Moscow Myasnitskaya , 35 index 101000
codes statistics
OKPO 99163782
OKTMO 46631101
OKOGU 49013
OKATO 4623150100
Telephone: 1072155
General Manager : Korobicin Alexey

Our clients online:

Come to Moscow from another city and want rent a car? Our company not confined only to clients of Moscow we have a very large stream wishing rent a car from the regions of Russia and abroad. Therefore, we can rent a car anywhere in the world for any term delivery to the airport or within the Ring Road.

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