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Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow

Car Rental Ford Focus II in Moscow
2000 rub.per day
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Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013 in Moscow

Car Rental Mercedes GL 2013
14900 rub.per day
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Long-term rental cars at competitive prices

1. Features a long-term rental and key terms of rental

Often people get into a situation where you need a car urgently . And it is not about one day , but the long period of time. But what about when a personal vehicle is not, either because of certain circumstances you just can not use it? In this case, will such a service as car rental. Today it has become a truly relevant and useful . Turning to the company BIZRENTAL.RU, You can rent a car for up to one year. All customers are waiting for favorable conditions of the transaction . Taking car rentals for six weeks or more, you can get a five percent discount.

2 . Who require long-term car rental services ?

Services rental , provided by the company BIZRENTAL.RU, demand among different categories of citizens . People turn to us as individuals and representatives of various companies. For many firms, car rental is a much better solution than the content of its own fleet . Legal entity enters into a contract and get the cars on required dates . When this transport is in excellent condition and there is no need to wrestle with where to find a parking lot or garage, as well as providing service . Any troubles related to the operation of leased vehicles are borne by specialists BIZRENTAL.RU.

3 . The cost of long-term lease and possible discounts

When hiring a car for a long time can be a very good save money as the price of each item will be much lower than when it comes to short about renting a car in Moscow . Thus, disadvantageous to take the car for a short time , and then every now and then sign a new contract. It is better to decide how long it will take the car and get a contract for a long time. Furthermore, in the latter case it is always possible to obtain additional benefits . If the client takes us cars for 45 days or more , we give it a 5 % discount from the amount of the minimum tariff. Total rental price to be discussed with the client in every case .

4 . Under what circumstances may need the services of a long-term rental ?

Statistics show that the opportunity to take rental cars every year enjoys a growing number of people. And growth is noted as among individuals and among organizations of various forms of ownership. Situation prior decision about renting a car , add up very different. Someone has to deliver daily foreign partners , who arrived in Moscow for a long time , someone just finds it more convenient than to keep their vehicles and car badly needed someone to catch perform all scheduled for a specific time period of the case . In other words, there may be hundreds of situations where long-term requires machine . And we are ready to help solve these problems . Services Car rental can benefit not only the residents of the capital, but also the guests who have registration in Moscow.

Our clients online:

Come to Moscow from another city and want rent a car? Our company not confined only to clients of Moscow we have a very large stream wishing rent a car from the regions of Russia and abroad. Therefore, we can rent a car anywhere in the world for any term delivery to the airport or within the Ring Road.

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